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Purification, Biochemical Characterization and Decolorization Efficiency of Laccases from Peach and Cherry Cultures of Pleutorus eryngii: A Comparative Study


Merve Akpinar and Raziye Ozturk Urek*   Pages 1 - 12 ( 12 )


Background: Laccases (Lacs) are used potentially in industrial and biotechnological applications such as decolorization of dyes, degradation of industrial effluents, delignification, etc. thanks to their large varieties of substrate specificities and excellent catalytic efficiencies. The efficient utilizations of Lacs in these applications mostly depend on the identifying their biochemical properties.

Objective: The goal of this research is to investigate the purification, biochemical characterization and decolorization efficiencies of Lacs.

Method: Pleurotus eryngii was incubated on peach (PC) and cherry (CC) wastes under optimized solid state fermentation conditions. Then, the enzymes extracts were purified by ammonium sulfate precipitation, anion exchange chromatography, gel filtration, respectively. Lacs fractions were subjected to electrophoretic analyses as well as their structural and kinetic characteristics. Also, the effects of selected chemical agents on purified Lacs activities and determination of decolorization efficiencies were studied.

Results: As the results of purification processes of Lacs from both cultures, 3.94-fold purification was obtained for PC, while it was 5.34 for CC. The electrophoretic results of purified Lacs illustrated the single bands of protein (30±1 kDa) in accordance with the results after gel filtration. The Km values of Lacs from PC and CC were respectively detected as 1.1381 and 0.329 mM for ABTS. The selected agents partially/completely inhibited Lac activities. The highest decolorization efficiencies of purified Lacs from PC and CC were separately obtained as 53 and 11.8%.

Conclusion: The results clearly indicated that the performances of Lacs from both cultures in decolorization application are different from each other depending their activities, biochemical and kinetic characteristics.


Biochemical Characterization, Cherry Waste, Dye Decolorization, Laccase, Peach Waste, Pleurotus Eryngii, Purification


Chemistry Department, Graduate School of Natural and Applied Sciences, Dokuz Eylül University, Buca-Izmir, Chemistry Department, Biochemistry Division, Faculty of Science, Dokuz Eylül University, Buca-Izmir

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