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Synthesis of Two Peptide Mimetics as Markers for Chemical Changes of Wools Keratin During Skin Unhairing Process

[ Vol. 15 , Issue. 4 ]


Dantcho Danalev, Margarita Koleva, Dimitrina Ivanova, Lyubomir Vezenkov and Nikolay Vassilev   Pages 353 - 355 ( 3 )


The sheep skins unhairing process with preliminary alkaline treatment of the wool leads to two unnatural dipeptide mimetics lysinoalanine (Lys* - Ala) and ornithinoalanine (Orn*- Ala) obtaining. They are result from the keratin hydrolysis process. The changes of wool keratin make it resistant to sulphide degradation. We synthesized and characterized these unnatural dipeptides under the experimental conditions. The structures and mechanism of Lys* - Ala and Orn*- Ala obtaining were elucidated. The using of newly synthesized products as markers for control of wools keratin changes during skin unhairing process was demonstrated. The developments have also been the result of economic and environmental pressures to meet environmental regulations.


Peptides mimetics, Unnatural amino acids, Hides' and skins' unhairing


University of Chemical Technology and Metallurgy, Department of Organic Chemistry, Blvd. Kliment Ohridski 8, Sofia 1756, Bulgaria.

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