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The Two Pathways for Effective Orthogonal Protection of L-Ornithine, for Amino Acylation of 5-O-Pivaloyl Nucleosides, Describe the General and Important Role for the Successful Imitation, During the Synthesis of the Model Substrates for the Ribosomal Mimic Reaction

[ Vol. 17 , Issue. 7 ]


Stanislav G. Bayryamov, Nikolay G. Vassilev and Dimiter D. Petkov   Pages 889 - 898 ( 10 )


Bz(NO2)-Orn(Boc)-OCH2CN was synthesized as an amino acid component with effective and successful orthogonal protection for amino acylation of 5-O-Pivaloyl nucleosides and preparation of substrates for model ribosome reactions. The synthesis was carried out using suitable combinations of the methods of peptide synthesis and modification of amino acids.


Conventional peptide synthesis, orthogonal protection, ornithine


Laboratory of BioCatalysis, Institute of Organic Chemistry, Bulgrian Academy of Sciences, Acad. Bonchev Str., bld. 9, 1113 Sofia, Bulgaria.

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