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SOMEViz: A Web Service for Site of Metabolism Estimating and Visualizing

[ Vol. 19 , Issue. 9 ]


Qiancheng Shen, Mingyue Zheng, Jing Lu, Cheng Luo, Weiliang Zhu, Kaixian Chen, Xiaomin Luo and Hualiang Jiang   Pages 905 - 909 ( 5 )


Phase I metabolism is an important consideration in drug discovery because it profoundly affects the toxicity and activity profile of a drug candidate. In these metabolic processes, CYP450 family is responsible for the majority of biotransformation events. However, it is still an important challenge to predict sites of metabolism (SOM) of a new chemical entity due to the complex reaction mechanism and variety in CYP450 enzymes. SOMEViz is an online service designed for predicting and visualizing human cytochromes P450 (CYP450)-mediated sites of metabolism (SOM) of a molecule, on the basis of a previously reported model [1]. The service provides an access for predicting sites of metabolism of molecules with reasonable accuracy, and predicted results are shown in a user-friendly as well as interactive way, which may help chemists explore metabolism properties of chemicals in the early stage of drug discovery. The web-based GUI of SOMEViz offers user a straightforward way to manage and visualize the sites of metabolism (SOM) prediction results. The service and examples are available free of charge at


Cytochromes P450, site of metabolism, web service


Drug Discovery and Design Center, State Key Laboratory of Drug Research, Shanghai Institute of Materia Medica, Chinese Academy of Sciences, 555 Zuchongzhi Road, Shanghai 201203.

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