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Meta Genome-wide Network from Functional Linkages of Genes in Human Gut Microbial Ecosystems

[ Vol. 20 , Issue. 3 ]


Yan ji, Yixiang Shi, Chuan Wang, Jianliang Dai and Yixue Li   Pages 371 - 378 ( 8 )


The human gut microbial ecosystem (HGME) exerts an important influence on the human health. In recent researches, meta-genomics provided deep insights into the HGME in terms of gene contents, metabolic processes and genome constitutions of meta-genome. Here we present a novel methodology to investigate the HGME on the basis of a set of functionally coupled genes regardless of their genome origins when considering the co-evolution properties of genes. By analyzing these coupled genes, we showed some basic properties of HGME significantly associated with each other, and further constructed a protein interaction map of human gut meta-genome to discover some functional modules that may relate with essential metabolic processes. Compared with other studies, our method provides a new idea to extract basic function elements from meta-genome systems and investigate complex microbial environment by associating its biological traits with co-evolutionary fingerprints encoded in it.


Metagenome, network analysis, neighbor genes, microbes, meta-genomics, metabolic process, genome constitution, co-evolution properties, fingerprints, fermentation, glycans


Shanghai Center for Bioinformation technology, Shanghai, People's Republic of China.

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