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Non-Globular Structures of Tandem Repeats in Proteins

[ Vol. 16 , Issue. 11 ]


Norio Matsushima, Takanori Tanaka and Robert H. Kretsinger   Pages 1297 - 1322 ( 26 )


There are two classes of tandem repeats in proteins - globular and non-globular. There are two subclasses of non-globular repeats. The first, such as collagen, form stable helices. Members of the second are flexible and somewhat disordered both in vitro and in vivo. This review focuses on this second subclass.


Tandem repeats, intrinsically unstructured protein, structural change, ligand interaction, rapid evolution, concerted evolution


Sapporo Medical University Center for Medical Education, Sapporo 060-8556, Japan.

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