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Biochemical and PMF MALDI-TOF Analyses of Two Novel Papain-Like Plant Proteinases

[ Vol. 16 , Issue. 11 ]


W. D. Obregon, C. S. Liggieri, S. R. Morcelle, S. A. Trejo, F. X. Aviles and N. S. Priolo   Pages 1323 - 1333 ( 11 )


Two cysteine endopeptidases from latex of Araujia angustifolia (araujiain aI and araujiain aIII) were purified and characterized by means of conventional and proteomics techniques (MALDI-TOF). N-terminal sequences showed a high percentage of identity with cysteine proteinases belonging to the papain family. The peptide mass fingerprint analysis demonstrated a close homology among both proteinases.


Plant proteinases, Asclepiadaceae, Araujia angustifolia, peptide mass fingerprint, proteomics techniques


LIPROVE, Depto. Cs. Biologicas, Fac. Cs. Exactas, UNLP. Calles 47 y 115, La Plata (1900), Argentina.

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